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On the island’s most privileged location, Long Set Resort is set in the heart of Sanya Beach of koh Rong Island’s most beautiful White Sand Beach. The resort is a beachfront resort with a great sea view and is a perfect place for a holiday with your loved one, a group of special friends, or your whole family. Not only that you will enjoy living by the sea, lazing around on white sand beach and clear sea-water, but also you will have wonderful moments with such beachside activities.

Along the beach, there are varieties of activity, either day-time or night-time, waiting for you to be selected. Each evening the beachfront attracts more people with some volleyball and football teams, working out on the wide beachfront along with exquisite sunset, courtesy of the low tide. Also, restaurants and bars along the beach are just fantastic for those who love night life.

Stunning Resort On 4.5 km Beach

This stunning white sqare boxe Resort located on 4.5 km white sandy beach of Sanya Beach northwest of Koh touch Village, The most popular backpacker center but if you are looking a quiet crystal clear water unspoiled beach, Long Set Resort is the one…..