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3 Dec

Thing to do on Koh Rong

Snorkelling on Koh Rong

With little else to do on the island, snorkelling on Koh Rong can provide a welcome respite from all that eating and drinking and generally relaxing. And to top it off, the snorkelling here is excellent. Most of the bars and guesthouses will rent out gear, with prices ranging from $2.50 to $7.50 for a snorkel and mask, depending on who you ask. There doesn’t seem to be any rule to the price … Read more about Snorkelling on Koh Rong .
Diving on Koh Rong

While snorkelling on Koh Rong is good enough to keep you busy, diving is also available. Koh Rong Dive Centre offers daily scuba diving trips around the island’s waters. Courses include PADI diver training, kids’ programmes and reef checks. Two fun dives cost $80, a PADI open water is $380 over 3 days or $430 over 4 days, and they also run a range of specialist courses like digital underwater … Read more about Diving on Koh Rong .

Walking and trekking
Koh Rong is a big island — much bigger than it looks on a map — and as such, there’s lots of trekking to be had. Gil the Walking Man of Koh Rong has gone off to walk in Africa, but left behind a marked trail which heads through the jungle from Koh Touch village on the southwestern side to Seven-kilometre beach on the other side of the island near Broken Heart Guest House, where there’s … Read more about Walking and trekking .

Mountain Biking and Motorbiking
Kylie’s motorbike hire
T: (016) 332 435A by-product of the threatened development of the island is a very rough and rocky road which connects Koh Touch village with the Sangkat village and Seven-kilometre beach. Adventurous souls can hire mountain bikes or motorbikes to explore the island, but we only recommend this for those with experience. The road is generally deserted, there are big rocks and very skiddable loose stones, and … Read more about Mountain Biking and Motorbiking .

Boat trips, island tours and kayaks

While you can while away your time laying on the beach, there are a few options for getting out onto the water. If you’re happier on top of the sea, Rising Sun guesthouse at Koh Touch beach rents out kayaks for $5 per hour. Palm Beach resort, at the north of the island, also has kayaks available for guests and visitors. Various guesthouses have their own longtail boats, such as Bong’s … Read more about Boat trips, island tours and kayaks .

Koh Rong: Trouble in paradise?

A few years ago, Koh Rong, Cambodia’s second largest island, was a virtual secret. An unspoiled paradise, news about it spread in whispers, not unlike rumours about the fictional island in Alex Garland’s novel, The Beach. The difference is that the whispers about Koh Rong were spread over the internet and not through the lips of a delusional backpacker in Bangkok. Word spreads fast … Read more about Koh Rong: Trouble in paradise? .

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